Adopt a tree in Madagascar this Christmas 🌲

Adopt a tree in Madagascar this Christmas 🌲


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Switch things up this Christmas! Why not make this year’s tree one in Madagascar?

Adopting a tree for £10 a month with SEED Madagascar will support our work in the littoral forests of Anosy, strengthen the community of Sainte Luce and safeguard the future of hundreds of species, including the local Southern Woolly, Brown Collared, Fat-Tailed Dwarf and Anosy Mouse lemurs of which half are now registered as endangered on the IUCN Red List.

What are littoral forests and why should we protect them?

Littoral forests are those that lie in close proximity to the ocean. They are rare, yet incredibly bio diverse habitats, and home to 13% of Madagascar’s native flora. Across the island, 90% of original littoral forests have been lost due to harmful human activities, and current rates of habitat fragmentation and degradation have left scientists predicting its complete disappearance within the next 50 years. The villages of Sainte Luce boast 2.4% of Madagascar’s littoral forest ecosystems, however these fragments face many threats from the local community.

What is SEED Madagascar doing to help?

Project Ala (the Malagasy word for ‘forest’) is a reforestation program aimed at connecting isolated remnants of forest to a much larger fragment to enable the continuous and free movement of lemurs. The project will replant Acacia trees, a plant that improves soil quality, is fast growing and non-invasive. It will also provide sufficient density for lemur movement, and canopy cover to aid the native understory to flourish. With the help of short-term volunteers, local guides and international specialists, the conservation research team will transplant these to the four forest corridor sites.

Eventually, the native understory will have sufficiently developed to support the inter-fragmental movement of all lemur species without need for acacia. Approximately 10-15 years post-project, the local communities will be able to harvest the 1000+ acacia trees. Due to the high calorific value, it makes for highly suitable firewood or charcoal, and will reduce the extraction of natural wood resources in remaining fragments.

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How your adoption will help

By adopting a tree for £10 a month, you will be enabling SEED Madagascar to continue vital research, increase the collection of seeds for native trees, establish new areas of littoral forest, maintain habitat conservation and continue community outreach and youth education programmes for long-term forest management.

Effective conservation promotes project management and responsibility at a grassroots level. The conservation and research team based in Sainte Luce have established forest management committees and an on-going -free youth education program, called ‘Club A’. Established in 2011, the program has taught about a vast range of environmental issues including: deforestation, forest community ecology, negative impacts of slash and burn agriculture and threats to species living in the local forest and marine ecosystems. Additionally, a small-scale tree nursery will be constructed in Sainte Luce as a practical and demonstrative education tool to teach nursery use, tree development and agroforestry skills. These community education sessions will continue to target the younger demographic that will come of age when the forest corridors are completely established.

What you will receive when you adopt a tree

For every tree you adopt (£10 / month) you will receive:

● A hand-embroidered Stitch Sainte Luce Bracelet

● A certificate of your adoption

● A SEED Madagascar postcard

● A subscription to a quarterly newsletter to keep you informed on Project Ala’s progress and news in Sainte Luce.

If you decide to adopt more than one tree:

● 3 x trees - instead of a bracelet, you will receive a hand-embroidered Stitch Sainte Luce Purse

● 5 x trees - instead of a bracelet, you will receive a hand-embroidered Stitch Sainte Luce Wall Hanging